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In Mechanical Engineering material and manufacturing, design, thermal Science and fluid engineering have been the niche areas. However they are mutually dependant. Thermofluids is the new approach to deal with thermal science i.e., heat transfer and thermodynamics and fluid engineering together. Application of this area includes combustion and power generation. Researchers in this field broadly aims to achieve a carbon neutral world powered by sustainable energy. Therefore the research and innovation have been beneficial for the mankind as the efficiency of engine, gas turbine, pumps, refrigerators and thermal power plant improved in last few decades drastically. In the pursuit of reducing emission the modification in engine exhaust and smoke stack were challenging but achieved by the researchers. Use of renewable energy like solar thermal system, solar photovoltaic and wind turbine have increased. Computer simulation has enabled engineers to solve many problems virtually.

Manufacturing is the backbone of an economy. In view of achieving sustainable development, the energy consumed in the manufacturing sector and transport sector is most relevant. Therefore any breakthrough in green energy may also shows the path of green transport. We need divergent ideas of sustainable growth and sustainable energy to meet. World is facing an unprecedented situation since year 2020. However, advancement of manufacturing technology have enabled us to scale up the production and transportation of medicine, vaccine and medical equipment in pandemic hit post COVID19 world.  Rapid prototyping, 3D printing and supply chain management experts have put in all the effort to tackle the situation and contribute to the technical knowledge and ideation. The crisis is far from being over. A combined effort involving and transcending thermal and manufacturing science can solve many more problems including resource planning and management.

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