Aim & Scope

Pioneering research is being carried out by the researchers, scientists and engineers working in the area of Thermofluids. Thermofluids is the holistic study of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and combustion. This area aims to achieve a carbon neutral world by generation of energy from sustainable resource and spending of energy in most efficient way possible.

Advancement of manufacturing technology have enabled us to scale up the production and transportation of equipment by less CO2 emission.  In future we need divergent ideas of sustainable growth to meet and make the world a better place to live. KIIT ICTMS 2024 will be a platform to showcase theoretical and experimental research.

KIIT ICTMS 2024 also offers excellent opportunities for the participants to forge research relations alongside finding partners for future collaborations. The conference has invited eminent speakers from industry and academia for said purpose. Given the challenges pertaining to Thermofluids and Manufacturing science that the industry is currently faced with, a combined effort involving and transcending thermal and manufacturing science is essential. Papers are invited on the following topics to be addressed (but not limited to) in accordance with the theme of the conference:

  • Fluid Dynamics; Fluid¬†Structure Interaction
  • Phase change; Multiphase Flow
  • Boundary Layer and Free Surface Flows
  • Flow Control and Diagnostics
  • High-Speed Flows; Shock waves
  • Pumps, Blowers and Fans; Supercharger and Turbocharger
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Propulsion and Emissions
  • Power Plants and Power Generation
  • Energy, Exergy and Second Law
  • Electronic Cooling
  • Combustion&¬†Automotive Engineering
  • Heat management in electric vehicle
  • Tribology and Lubricants
  • Radiator and engine cooling
  • Gasification and liquefaction
  • Inverse heat convection
  • Interaction of radiation and convection
  • Conjugate heat transfer in spacecraft and energy applications.
  • Nano-Fluid synthesis and characterization
  • Semi solids; Molten metal and molten glass
  • Process Control
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Non-traditional Machining
  • Additive Manufacturing

All submitted papers will be evaluated by the conference reviewer committee in terms of quality, originality of approach and relevance to the theme of the conference. All accepted and registered papers will be published and to be indexed in SCOPUS and/ web of science.


Authors are requested to strictly avoid plagiarism in any form. Authors should submit their original and unpublished research work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscript found to be plagiarized during any stage of review shall be rejected. As per copyright transfer agreement, authors are deemed to be individually or collectively responsible for the content of manuscript published by them.