Interested participants can attend the RNC 2020 and Pre-Conference Workshop as below:

1. ZOOM Webinar Link

After the registration a ZOOM webinar ID and password will be sent to the registered email id one day before the scheduled date of the Workshop and Seminar.

Maximum of 1000 participants can be accommodated in each zoom webinar session.

If the webinar reaches the maximum capacity, the participants are advised to watch the session through YouTube LIVE stream and try to join the next session in the ZOOM Webinar, with the same Zoom ID and Password.

2. YouTube LIVE Stream

Each session will be live streamed through   KIIT RNC YOUTUBE LIVE CHANNEL.  Interested participants are advised to watch the session at YouTube LIVE stream if you are not able to join ZOOM.

3. WhatsApp group

Join the conference through WHATSAPP GROUP networking among participants, speakers and everyone who has interest in NSS!  WhatsApp group also serve as a noticeboard during this program, sharing everything you need to know.

Interested participants can join the WhatsApp group via link: